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Yuan Media is committed to a specialized focus on the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, delivering insightful reporting and enterprise stories within this demographic. Our organization is fiscally sponsored by the Yuan Foundation, a non-profit entity dedicated to empowering AAPI youth and fostering their civic consciousness. Headquartered in the DMV area, we provide regular updates on national policy news impacting AAPI communities. Our focus includes politics news analysis, profile stories featuring AAPI politicians and community leaders, as well as in-depth narratives about the concerns within these specific ethnic groups. Our coverage spans from Capitol Hill to broader contexts, presented in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders stand as one of the United States’ most rapidly growing populations, poised to play a pivotal role in our nation’s future. Yet, the news coverage of this demographic remains insufficient, resulting in a lack of due consideration for this specific ethnic group in various areas, notably in policymaking. Therefore, at Yuan Media, our goal is to provide in-depth stories that allow audiences across the nation to gain a deeper understanding of AAPI perspectives and concerns. We believe that through our reporting, a more comprehensive understanding of this demographic will contribute to increased inclusivity in multiple aspects of the nation. As a result, the traditionally inactive civil engagement within this community will progressively evolve across generations through our sustained focus and coverage.
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